Why joining family business or job the only way to earn? Inculcating in today’s youth zeal to become Youth Entrepreneurs

What is our Role?

TAN is a platform where investors can meet, interact and engage in business with Youth of the region. The buzzing ideas can become a top-notch name in the region or even country if our investors like your ideas.

  • Idea Generation: Motivating start-ups and students from various colleges, Universities and employees of the company to scratch their head and bring out the best business propositions. We are here to help you open your Pandora’s Box and bring out concepts that can be transformed into a successful business not just for short term but long term. The aim is to mentor start-ups to think beyond the obvious and conventional ways of business to bring out something fresh and empowering.
  • Enterprise Creation: Why joining family business or job the only way to earn? Inculcating in today’s youth zeal to become Youth Entrepreneurs and putting the same of efforts in their start-up rather than in an eight-hour job. It not only involves funding their proposal but also inculcating in them risk taking ability and patience to start the enterprise and expand it over a period.
  • Public Participation and Awareness: Creating mass awareness of the Entrepreneurial Eco-system and the benefits of investing in such ventures. It will not only create awareness but also give an opportunity to people meet the big shots of the city and share their ideas for mutual growth and development.
  • Collaborative Learning: Giving a nexus to investors and start-ups to come under one roof and learn. It is a golden opportunity for the start-ups to learn from the experience of the Industrialists and well-established personalities. Their years of wisdom will help them to make necessary changes in their proposal to make it viable and profitable whereas investors will get to meet youth of the city with their fresh ideas and mindset all set to embark on their journey to success.
  • Investment: If the only thing stopping your idea to become a success story is financial constraints then we are here for you. TAN is a network of top-notch industrialists, bean counters, aventure capitalist who are looking for start-ups that can carve a niche for them and will give a higher rate of return in future. We have co-investment options, top angel investors and formation of deal teams to make the start-up profitable and a successful venture.

What are we offering?

  • A Platform: Connect both the parties and make innovative ideas a chance to become the Brand of Tomorrow.
  • Mentorship: Mentoring and channelizing the scattered energy of the youth to help them ideate and create a value proposition of their concept.
  • Investment: Arrange funds for the innovative minds by pooling in investors and venture capitalists of the region and cross borders. Minimum funding of 5 lakh by our member at the seed/growth stage.
  • Co-working Space: To give a virtual and physical office space by our other start-up “InCube8er”.  

Our Benchmark

  • We are on the hunt for Business Ideas with a novel concept and high rate of return.zzBusiness
  • Proposals with clearly laid requirements and vision they plan to achieve in the near future.
  • Long term ventures that have not been implemented before or have been restricted due to lack of resources or are “ultra-modern” for the region.
  • A focused team passionate to venture on a new road providing a rewarding proposition.
  • Accountants, Technopreneurs, Social Activists, anybody under the sky willing to envision, create and evolve.

How to approach TAN?

Is your pitch fund worthy? Is your business plan eligible to be a brand? Do you think Smart City like Ludhiana will accept your concept? Well then don’t wait.

                                                                                Three Tier Plan

1stStage:Submitting the Proposal

All you have to do to make your dream a reality is to contact us. You can directly contact us by visiting our website and fill the form. Fill in your information, attach your business proposal with a detailed executive summary and if we find it pitch worthy we will contact you ASAP.

Our screening process is pretty simple:

  • Recommendation Letter: Any entrepreneur, educational institute, financial institution, accountants can recommend a start-up if they find their business proposal worthy enough and can send their recommendation letter stating the reason why the recommended start-up a unique business opportunity?
  • Executive Summary: If a start-up feels that their idea is innovative yet practical enough to create a brand value and can generate profits, in the long run, they can directly contact us. They can mail us their executive summary and arrange a meeting with us.
  • Member Sponsorship: A sponsor member in a team is a must. It is not necessary that he develops the whole start-up but if he the developing member he will be called for further information.
We are not sector ignostics, its just idea should be worth while: (I mentioned these sectors just to give an idea to layman or start-ups who want to pitch)
  • IT Products, Services & Technology
  • High-End BPO Services
  • Gems & Jewellery
  • Handicrafts, Carpets
  • Garments
  • Mining & Allied
  • Manufacturing
  • Education
  • FMCG
  • Retail
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Healthcare / Pharmacy / Biotech
  • Others (Mention)

2nd Stage: Pre-Screening Stage

Our Board of Directors will go through your executive summary in detail, and if they find it viable and profitable as astart-up, then we will call you for further discussion. In case your proposal is rejected then it will be informed by the end of the month via mail along with the feedback. Only Start-ups sponsored by the Board of Directors of TAN will only be considered directly to present to the Investors.

3rd Stage: Pitch Event

  • Pitch Event: Based on thequantum of Start-ups shortlisted and investors, a pitch event will be organised every 4-6 weeks.
  • Investors Decision: A Pool Team will be createdof the investors, and they will give the final decision on the Start-ups after the presentation for further discussion at the end of the Pitch Night.
  • Selecting a Lead Investor: Investor Pool Team will select a Lead Investor and forms a Deal Team with The Secretariat to conduct due diligence and negotiate deal terms with Start-up within 30 days.
  • Co-investing Option: Deal Team can decide whether to co-invest with other angels or investors depending on the amount. But there will be no Pooling of Funds.
  • Deal Team: Individual members will form a Deal Team under a Team Leader and can make the investments. But there will be no pooling of funds. Investors will have to invest minimum 25% of the committed fund amount per year.
  • Auditing: The Secretariat will conduct Quarterly or Half Yearly Audit of the funded Start-up.

Submit your Plan-

All you have to do is fill the form and attach your Executive Summary that should not be more than ten pages. Our Board of Directors will do the initial screening and call you for the second stage along with additional documents for further discussion.

Format of Pitch Deck

About the Company

  • History, including accomplishments to date
  • Mission

Products/Services Offered

  • Description of product(s)/services
  • Ownership
  • Development stage
  • Timing of, and process to, commercialization
  • Unique attributes and opportunities

Market Analysis

  • Size and definition
  • Industry trends
  • Needs for product(s)/services
  • Customers
  • Sales/distribution plan
  • Necessary partnership and status

Competition Report

  • Comparative analysis, including key features and benefits
  • Competitive advantage/market differentiators
  • Barriers to entry for competitors and company

About the Management

  • Experience of all senior management, including previous start-ups if any
  • Previous experience working together
  • Needs/key vacancies
  • Board of Directors
  • Advisors

Financial Summary

  • Founder’s investment
  • Fully-diluted capitalization table (including options, warrants, and debt)
  • Summary projected financials (one and three to five years)
  • Funding needs for this round and subsequent rounds
  • Use of funds
  • Exit strategy and timing
  • Business milestones for next six months and next two years