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8. Which city is the startup based in? *

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11. Number of Co-founders and provide detailed information of each co-founder of your startup as per Founder Profile Template *

12. How long has the founding team known each other for?*

13. Tell us the story of how the team got together for this project?*

14. What are your reasons for working with each one of your co-founders? (Please mention reasons for each of your co-founders) *

15. What are the different roles of all the founders? (For example, one person may be the tech guy, one could have taken on the role of marketing, etc.)*

16. How many employees startup has and what are their respective roles ? *

17. Have you checked the background of your employees ?*

18. Has the founding team worked together before? If yes, Talk about any project(s) the founding team or some of the members of the founding team may have done outside of this startup. *

19. What do you think about the current core team? Is it sufficient or you need more co-founders?*

20. How much money has the founding team invested in the venture? Which founder has put in how much money? What is the source of that money? Please provide current equity structure details ?*

21. Outside of the money that's already invested, is the founding team planning to contribute more money to the venture? If yes, how much?*

22. Have you taken / raised any external capital? From Friends, Family, Angels, etc? Give as much details as possible *

23. How much money do you have available for the venture (Run way) & how much have you spent so far? Give Details. *

24. What is your monthly burn rate? *

25. What is your revenue model? How will you make profits?*

26. How much funding do you need from TAN Investor and expected timing to close this? What is the equity you would like to offer to TAN Investor against this fund? Minimum ticket size per investor ?*

27. What is the pre/post money valuation of your company? *

28. Detail of any soft commitments you have received so far ?*

29. What will be the exit strategy for TAN Investor ? How much ROI TAN Investor can expect and in how much time?*

30. Why the money is being raised ?*

31. Why don’t you use your own money instead of raising funds?*