TAN is investor’s hub that promotes investment in innovative start-ups that will yield returns in long run. Who all can be part of investor’s community? Anyone who is interested to have passive income, anyone who wants to invest his profits to yield in higher rate of return in future and most importantly anyone who wants to diversify his business and wants to invest in innovative start-ups that can open new avenues in the market.


If all you dreamt was to become an Entrepreneur with a dash of innovation and aspired to bring in a new dimension in the business world then TAN is with you. We are here to provide assistance, network and funds to budding entrepreneurs who are struggling with funds.

What is TAN?

The Angel Network (TAN) is a network of Business Tycoons, Investment Guru’s and Bean Counters always eyeing for an innovative concept to invest. Our network is the first ever network in Ludhiana developed to bridge the gap between a dream and reality, budding entrepreneurs and venture capitalists to make Ludhiana, a hub of Entrepreneurial Ventures.

TAN -"the angel network" have done wonderful job bring this platform to a city like ludhiana
I feel really happy to be it in some way or other

Milind kawatraCEO of Hum Hain

It has been honoured to be an inspiration for TAN-'the angel network'. you guys rock,and from my heart best of luck for your future growth its a great initiative.

Abhinav Raj KondalFounder of Ameliorate Corporate Solutions Private Limited

TAN Advisors has been pivotal in connecting me to the best investors in India. Both Nitin and Pushpinder are really awesome at promoting and advising startups. Although in the first attempt we did not find good investors due to our valuation, Pushpinder kept working on it to find us more investors. I appreciate the support and I look forward to giving back to the community in the future.

SHAYAK MAZUMDERCEO Founder of Eunimart

TAN has been invested in 6Degree and the relationship has been beyond just investment. TAN has been a strategic guide and mentor to 6Degree, enabling the company to find new areas of growth and build its internal capabilities. TAN investors have played a key role in developing the business model and the technical approach to the 6Degree platform.

Nikhil HegdeCo-Founder & CEO of 6Degree

TAN is extremely professional in fund raising process, right from evaluation till closure. They ensured that we were connected to most relevant investors for our sector for faster closure of our round.

Saurabh Singh CEO of Flickstree

Raising investment is not just about money, rather you need to find like minded investors who would help your business in multiple ways. TAN helped us in reaching out right investors and close the round in couple of months time frame.

Himanshu KapsimeFounder CEO ShaadiSaga

We have one benchmark for raising funds, that we didn't want any money just for the sake of money but with an answer to the question that what value the potential investor is bringing to the table? With TAN we have experienced that they connect you with not just angel investors but with the people who are right for your startup and will add value to it apart from money.

Naveen Kumar Meena Founder & CEO of ToRoots