Have you ever got hit by an Apple? Doesn’t makes any sense what we are saying?

Sir Isaac Newton was hit by an apple sitting under a tree, and he discovered Gravitational Force.

But what if he didn’t work on this theory? What if decades back he passed this idea as an idle thinking? We might not have discovered Gravitational Force till now. Ideas or concepts are just theories if not implemented and who knows an idea can hit in the shower,or a boring classroom lecture has the power to make you the next Paulo Coelho, Warren Buffet or Steve Jobs.

According to a survey conducted by InCube8er our start-up, 69% of the students aspire to opt for a job rather than joining their father’s business. But when asked if they would like to start their own business or become a youth entrepreneur with initial funding provided by the capitalists 94% of the students shifted to business. Lack of opportunities to try something new and lack of funds makes a student wander for jobs, but they are not interested in the same old type of business and system. This gave us an insight in the Traditional Business Ecosystem of the city, and we thought of starting a network where not only the students, anyone who has a vision to innovate can meet the investors and share their ideas. This is where TAN comes in picture.

What is TAN?

The Angel Network (TAN) is a network of Business Tycoons, Investment Guru’s and Bean Counters always eyeing for an innovative concept to invest. Our network is the first ever network in Ludhiana developed to bridge the gap between a dream and reality, budding entrepreneurs and venture capitalists to make Ludhiana, a hub of Entrepreneurial Ventures. We are here to bring out the pool of talent hidden in the youth of Ludhiana. Whether you are a student, job seekers, an employee of an MNC or even a housewife; if you are buzzing with ideas and feel that your idea can open a new avenue in the market then we will help you to connect with investors for your start- up. If you have it in you, then we will fund you.

Board of Directors

TAN -"the angel network" have done wonderful job bring this platform to a city like ludhiana
I feel really happy to be it in some way or other

Milind kawatraCeo of Hum hain

It has been honoured to be an inspiration for TAN-'the angel network'. you guys rock,and from my heart best of luck for your future growth its a great initiative.

Abhinav Raj KondalFounder of Ameliorate Corporate Solutions Private Limited